2016: Travel Review

There’s still plenty to write and reflect upon my journeys this year and already the year is coming to an end in about 2 hours 42 minutes. I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of a wonderful year full of travel memories, work and challenges. I am grateful though that we are well and looking forward to another great year ahead.

Spurred by a great travel spirit, this year has really been a great travel year for us. We travelled to 12 countries, 9 of which were new ones for me. We started 2016 with a short one-day visit to Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. This was then followed by adventures in Amsterdam, Scandinavia, Rome and Vatican City in the springs. Few months down the road I travelled to Brunei for a two day break before an amazing week in Sydney and Siem Reap just recently.

In summary and in chronological order, my excursions of 2016 by month:


Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City

April / May

United Kingdom – London

The Netherlands – Amsterdam

Germany – Puttgarden & Hamburg

Denmark – Copenhagen & Helsingor

Sweden – Malmo, Grundsund & Gothenburg

Norway – Oslo

Italy – Rome

Vatican City State (the Holy See)


Brunei Darussalam – Bandar Seri Begawan

October / November

Australia – Sydney & the Blue Mountains

Cambodia – Siem Reap

All in all, it has been a very fruitful year. On top of my wanderlust adventures, I managed to sell my maps offline in one of Amsterdam’s creative boutiques Thuyskamer. It may not seem huge to some but it is definitely a major milestone for me.

2017 will be another adventurous year for us. We’re already planning for our trips in January and have a rough idea of what we’d like to do in at least three other different sets of excursions which will hopefully cover 3 regions: South Asia, North Asia and Australasia. I am super excited for this coming new year and I hope things work out the way I hope they will.

With greatest sincerity and warmth, I wish you all a very happy New Year. May it always be better, happier and more prosperous for you; may all your prayers and dreams come true  🙂

Happy New Year 2017!



Leap Year!

I feel so guilty for leaving my blog bare for quite a while, I am so sorry dear readers. But I am still here, just not as busy writing as I have before. The good news (I hope) is that I post photos of my styling on instagram so do give it a visit for quick inspirations.

Finally, I am thankful that I get to be in another leap year, marked by today, 29th February 2016 🙂

I hope you’ll have a sensational week, month and year ahead! X

Weekend Wanderings: Kuala Lumpur

Ahh weekend…. I hope everyone is doing fabulously wherever you may be. For a change I had myself unshackled from my weekly routine of painting the room and got myself to Kuala Lumpur for a lovely stroll around the Central Market area.

It is always great to be able to play tourist in your own home city, discovering and rediscovering places that are unknown to you or that you may have forgotten after so long a hiatus.

The best thing about today was that I discovered an old colonial square right in the middle of KL which I never knew existed. I was as happy as I was excited because I’ve been to Central Market many times in my life but never have I come across this small pocket of wonder…

If you’re ever in KL, please do away with your maps and just wander around the city aimlessly (unless you consider wandering around aimlessly an aim in itself); you’d be surprised by all the ‘unchartered’ gems you will find scattered around the city. Try it!


Central Market- where you can find local arts and craft. A must go venue for your souvenirs.







The square I never knew existed. I am delighted to see old colonial buildings still standing amidst the more cosmopolitan and taller offices.





My all time favourite cake! The Chocolate Berry Cheesecake. You can find these heavenly treats at Secret Recipe.


Beautiful KL… I shall come back to you for more strolls and pictures with cake treats in between soon! 🙂

peta+kaarten shop now open!

I am so pleased to share with you that I have now opened shop here online (you can also find the Shop in the above Menu). I have so far produced two map designs and the Amsterdam poster is now available for sale.

But the great news is, you can win an Amsterdam map by following @petakaarten on Instagram; liking and reposting any of the poster pictures on your Instagram profile. Do check @petakaarten out for more info. I am very grateful for all that I have in my life and I wish to share some of the beautiful things that have made me so happy like this map here.

I hope to hear from you soon. But for now, warm wishes from me. Nadiah xx



I’m Back!

Hello everyone! Sincere apologies for my hiatus. Truth is I fell ill the past two weeks and was hospitalised for a few days. I spent another few days recuperating at home but now I am up and running with my interior projects! I wish to share with you what I’ve been working on while I was away. Just a sneak preview of what’s coming to you soon 🙂 Can you guess which city this is?

I hope you like what you see here. Get excited because I know I am! Be well everyone X