Just a few steps from the Tidal Cascades are an array of chic restaurants and bistros facing the harbour where many sail/speed boats are moored including the HMAS Vampire- one of Australia’s largest museum vessel which forms part of the Australian National Maritime Museum. A short stroll ahead and at the end of the harbour is the Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse which was once a beacon guiding ships through the Great Barrier Reef and is now part of Darling Harbour’s numerous museums.

Darling Harbour, with the CBD as the backdrop.



HMAS Vampire, part of the Australian National Maritime Museum.


The many masts and sails from the more traditional sail boats.
Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse.

It’s hard to feel morose or any sense of skepticism when the sky is beaming at you in what is quintessentially Australian blue- definitely one of the things I love most about Australia.

And no matter how jubilant the Australian sky looked, we still had to feed our grumbling tummies. Thankfully there were plenty of restaurants to choose from to satiate ourselves. After careful inspection of menus from one restaurant to another, we finally settled at the best Darling Harbour had to offer- CyrenCyren is a bar/restaurant which specialises in good Australian fresh seafood. Whether it’s shrimp cocktails or marinara pizzas, everything they serve are of high quality standards and absolutely flavoursome.

We were in luck when we were there as it was happy hour which meant that all meals on the menu were subject to (a lot of) discount. The marinara pizza that we had costed only AUD10. The portion was generous so you could easily share between two or three people depending on how hungry you are. But being the famished (greedy too?) vultures that we were we (my fiancé and I) ended up gobbling down three large marinara pizzas! They were absolutely delicious! Super generous portion- the pizza and the fresh prawns- and great value for money; I couldn’t help but feel even more blessed under the same jubilant Australian sky.

Our first of three. Absolute yums!
What wouldn’t I give for just a slice now…. (drools)….
Relishing in all that goodness 😀

We left Cyren with bouncy happy hearts and tummies, ready for yet another long and circuitous walk home through the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the ever-eternal Sydney Opera House.

Crossing over to the Cockle Bay Wharf side of Darling Harbour via the Pyrmont Bridge.
By this time the sun had already begun to set. The skies and sights were as spectacular as they were in bright sunlight.



Cockle Bay Wharf.


Sunset at bay’s end.
Shipwright Walk Pavilion. A real gem. So happy we stumbled upon this. Brilliant, brilliant design; I’m still in awe….


Sunset by the bay perfectly framed.
Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge that always brings me back home to Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge.
Old friend :’-)



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